Atelier Ingo Wendt
Atelier Ingo Wendt

Ingo Wendt


Free artist, carpenter, wood technics, diploma industrial design, diploma fine arts, master-student of Prof. Daniel Hausig, artistic and scientific worker in the university of fine arts Saarbrücken. Academic and interdisciplinary experience with a focus on light, projection and kinetics. Works also digital, but loves to prove qualities of analogue picture generators


Expect unconventionally solutions

Feel free to visit us in our nice place in palatina Germany next to the french border

The Artist is also interested in abroad challanges and he s able to make conversation in german, english and french tounge


Adresse: Atelier Ingo Wendt; Pfarrgasse 12; D- 67280 Ebertsheim  

Mail:           Phone Home: 0049(0)6359 86886          Mobile:0049(0)172 1777363




 The Exhibition SWITCH shows works of Students and Dozents from the HBKsaar in the "International Cener of Light Art" in the "Lindenbrauerei" in Unna, Germany. My object is the room covering -Chronotop- placed in one of the big vaulted cellar rooms. The work shows attributes of a clock but runs in a individual, slow time which every visitor may define on his own.


Experience: Museums Boss John Jaspers was impressed by the quality. We were well prepaired and didn't have to hide next to the most important light- artists

Der Seifenblasen Projektor

The Bubble Projector

Artistic projection apparatus bases on a powerful overhead projector. Possible size of the picture is up to 140m². The very dynamic upward moving cells also show interference colors

Experience: Young and old audience loves this object. It is very analog and a teaser for projection experts because the picture is really sharp. Also here the apparatus gained the status of a sculpture



The former mentioned apparatus creates the footage material for my part of the mapping project in Saarbrücken. It is organized by the HBKsaar in connection with the City of Saarbrücken. Realized by Prof. Daniel Hausig his team and the students

Experience: Complex connections of different jurisdictions at the river, organization of technical equipment and 9000 visitors. Also bulky artistic positions are positively absorbed by the audience, the nature of the medium light


Sky Picture

A huge mirror is placed underneath a roof window or any suitable situation. The sky view is turned around here. We are not used in this way of viewing which deeply changes our perception 

Experience: The passing clouds are astonishing and also the change in the color of a monochrome sky during the day gets perceptible intensively


Light Armchair

The luxury only to describe a furniture. The object works with the reflexion of uv reactive pigments

Experience: In case of the “Light Armchair” our behavior fills the space


Urban Fireplace

The abstract fireplace for urban spaces increases the value of meeting points with its poetical play of light. As a standing partyobject or flush mounted this sculpture is prepared to be accessible

Experience: A Fireplace makes it possible that strangers talk to each other. Beside this it also is a place to rest and meditate. This character of a fireplace is astonishingly to find here


Space and Light Projector

Poetic, like random and silent opposition pole to the flood of digital projections. In this projection sculpture light shines through three moving grid drums. It is possible to light big surfaces and the picture is colorful or soft depending to the distance

Experience: The Audience likes the simplicity and the freedom of associations. The apparatus by and by gained the status of a sculpture

Die Sonne

The Sun

The light sculpture shows a dense light circle that changes in the orange color range. In a kind of comic style the object plays with the behavior of mankind that it will be able to solve all problems in a technical way

Experience: Contrasts develop mentally light effects. Here you see a kind of aura of the sun

Kanaldeckel mit Licht

Drain Cover with Light

To the soccer world championship in Kaiserslautern some of the drain holes were equipped by these autarky light systems. Drain covers are individualized with the city arms and become a light mark. A location is marked and noted as comfortable

Experience: The audience acts very creatively with this work

Fenster zum Rhein

Window to the Rhine River

In the youth hostel in Kaub/Rh. railway embankment and road separate the village from the river. No one is able to watch ships easily. This Problem is solved by this monitor/ window. It shows a real time picture of the river in the bistro of the house

Experience: It is taken for granted by the guests of the hostel


Der Leuchtturm

The Lighthouse

The aparatus oft the „Light Painting“ here is organized in a 360° version which is first shown in the Helios Lighthouse in Köln Ehrenfeld. The light sign shapes this location deeply

Experience: Residents react very positively to the slow moving picture and now see the lighthouse as their personal night table luminaire

Tanz der Schatten

Dance of Shades

This light object is to find in the foyer of the youthhostel in Kaub/Rhine. It is projecting a line of silhouettes to the walls and a clockwork like picture to the ceiling. The message: “This is a historical place” and “Everybody is welcome here”

Experience: Simple principals still please today




CV Ingo Wendt      

Lives and works in Ebertsheim, Palatina,   has two adult children, visit us in our family estate in beautiful German   Palatina, Pfarrgasse 12, D- 66280   Ebertsheim  


Born the




Shorndorf, Baden-Württembe







Professional   Career


Scool-leaving   Qualification




General matriculation standart, Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium,   Frankenthal-Pfalz


Professional Training


1984 - 1986


Carpenters aprentisship BASF, Ludwigshafen am Rhein


Professional Practice


1986 - 1987


Cervice Civil, carpentry of counselling for handicapt Lebenshilfe,   Bad-Dürkheim/Weinstr.


Professional Practice


1987 - 1996


Carpenters work, biological and high value interior works, surfaces   of furniture, massiv wood works experience






End of handcrafts


Wood worker Technics


1996 -   1998


officially qualified wood worker, furniture and interior design, instuctors license, best final thesis   in interior design, Kaiserslautern




1999 -   2004


Course of Study –Industrial Design- at the HBK, Universita of Fine   Arts in Saabrücken. Diploma work was the developement and building of a   luminare with a blown glass cover. Friendly support of the CIAV Meisenthal   Lorraine and Zumtobel




2004 -   2007


Course of study -Free Art- at the HBK,   Universita of Fine Arts in Saabrücken. Diploma work was the developement and   building of a picture generator, -The Ornament Generator- a kinetic   kaleidoscope, random, with honours


Self skilled knowledge


since 1964   


Interdesciplinary experience in the  work with diffrent materials. The artist is able to solve many problems on his own or at least is able to make a  realistic assessment








Teaching   Activities




2007 -   2008


-Inscenated Window In Town By Night-   Project ralisement with Prof. Daniel Hausig, 21 Projects mostly in empty   shops, my work as a participant was -The Sun-, indirect lighted hollow space,   dense light and contrast phenomenons, with catalogue                                                 


Teaching assinement


WS   2008/09


Course -Light Basics-, digital controlling of light, experiments, examples in art and design

Teaching assinement


SS 2009


Basic Course, 20 jears jubilee oft he   university, -Talking Wall-, the facade of the HBK gets a medium, each window   wing gets a pixel, LÉD stripes, white fabric reflectors, initialized by Prof.   Daniel Hausig    


Teaching assinement


WS   2009/10


Project: Lightforum; Project: -Flying   Vacuumcleaners- in the „Kunsthalle“ in Backnang Progf. D.Hausig extends his   own retrospective exhibition with student work  


Teaching assinement


SS 2010


Lightforum: developement of students   works with light, each student hast o make a exhibition in the “Lightcave”,   developenment of the “Light Laboratory”


Teaching assinement


WS   2010/11


Projects: Lightforum; Lightlaboratory;   Lightbar, programming a light matrix




Seit 2011


Artistic and   scientific collaborator in the HBKsaar; Light basic course 1+2; Light   laboratory; Professionalizing; div. projects and exhibitions








Selection of Exhibitions and Projects


Stage and order


2003 - 2005


Exhibition Design Zumtobel Staff Lemgo,   -Monolith-.Performance of the theme “light” by a hexagonal object, 3.5m   length, 1,4m diameter. For the show let down in eyes height it is in inactive   situation placed under the roof in the “cocoon” a cylinder out of acrylic   glass. Moved by a lift


Won Competition Art in Arcitecure




-Light   Hollows- Art in public space in Kaiserslautern, 7 red light planes, dens   light by reflected hollows


Light Festival




-Urban   Fireplace-, Art in public space, cinetic light object, abstract, poetic fire,   Luminale 06, in the park of the “museum of world cultures“ Frankfurt


 Art in public space




On the party   mile of the soccer world championship 2006 manhole covers in Kaiserslautern   get light signs. With batteries and leds they get autark systems. The   audience has much fun with them


 Art in public   space




-Lighthouse-,   projetion object, „Passagen“, „Helios Lighthouse“ Cologne, cinetic light,-   and projection sculpture, three concentric turning cylinders in the house of   the tower, glass diffused by shading colour


Single exhibition light festival




Luminale,   -The Sun-. –Ornament Generator-, in the “Satelit” a exhibition space of   “Galerie Anita Beckers” at the Römer in Frankfurt. Both works can be regarded   from outside a shop window


Won Competition Art in Arcitecure




New entrance   building in the “Historic Rosegarden Zweibrücken” gets a light sculpture by   changing rose colours. DMX controller and expensive LED colour changers 


Won Competition Art in Arcitecure


2009 - 2010


-Dance of Shades-, This light object   is to find in the foyer of the youth hostel in Kaub/Rhine. It is projecting a   line of silhouettes to the walls and a clockwork like picture to the ceiling;   -Window to the Rhine River-


In the view direction to the river you   see realtime picture of the river, roads and railway in this 65” monitor. It   is covered by a barock window imitation. -The Well- In a histortic well shaft you see   fluorescent figures of mermaid and neptun. They are activated   by controlled uv light. These three works you find in the   youth hostel „Kaub, Middle Rhine Valley”


Exhibition in Mannheim




-(why)it is   so beautifull at the rhine river- with “Assoc. Of Artists Rhine Neckar”. The   -City Drive- is a cinetic sculpture hat visualizes the connection between   city and river as a bloodline. It shows a historic tower turning driven by the river. 






-Coloursounds   Soundcolours- “Assoc. Of Artists Rhine Neckar” in Mannheim with the “Pop   Akademie”. In the –Light Painting- you find the kinetic apparatus of the   lighthouse behind a 2x3m backprojection wall


public space




Decorative ilumination on christmas   time of the romanic „Stephanskirche“ Ebertsheim inside and outside the   building






-Time to See- 50 jears jubilee of the   “Assoc. Of   Artists Rhine Neckar”. In the exhibition with the -Ornament   Generator-. Taking place at the orangerie of the Schwetzingen castle next to   Heidelberg






-Mobility- organized by the “Assoc. Of   Artists Rhine Neckar” in Mannheim. Between two glas plates there are 800 toy   cars piled up. With catalogue


Exhibition in the Rosegarden Mannheim




-City, Land, River- with “Assoc. Of   Artists Rhine Neckar”. The theme is the integration of the river in the daily   life, The -Glass Carousel- should be placed at the meeting point of Rhine and   Neckar rivers. Also different ideas for water driven urban furniture are made,   with catalogue


Exhibition in the Rosegarden Mannheim




-Hommage- organized by the “Assoc. Of   Artists Rhine Neckar”. To show a matching work for the macho theme historical   drill machines out of the artist’s pool are exhibited in a museal way. He colored   nearly all his tools with stencils before use what shows the traces of time   quite nice


Exhibition in the Rosegarden Mannheim




-color form: picture- Object trouvé a   plate of plywood used in the chemical industry got colored by pigments and   shows associative pictures with no intentions


Art in public space




-Light Act Project-, Mapping project   at the Saar river in Saarbrücken. Six huge houses in a line give a prominent   line for a big surface projection. With Professor Daniel Hausig and Bettina   Pelz






-About all Senses-, the –Soap Bubble   Projector- in a local exhibition






-Light persons, Hero pictures and bomb   rubble-. Back projection of shade pictures “personal heroes” on a big window   surface by central projection. In Frankenthal at the 12 Apostel church. With   huge catalogue




30.05. bis 20.06.2015


In the exhibition -Stars over   Ebertsheim- the -World Theatre- shows one time the sand stone sculptures of   Wolf Müninghoff and second time the audience itself on a big cotton cloth as   shade pictures


Light Festival


29.10.   bis  01.11.2015


-Lichtungen- Hildesheim is kurated of Professor Bettina Pelz. The -Light Painting- there finds a fine matching   place for its projection wall in a shop window. Very beautiful is also the   picture at the ceiling


Light Festival


13.3. bis 18.03.2016


-Luminale- The –Soap Bubble Projector-   here is shown to a numbered audience in the „Naxxoshall“






10.06.   bis 10.07. 2016


-SWITCH- in Unna is taking place at   the „International Center of Light Art“ and is organized by Professorin   Bettina Pelz und Prof. Daniel Hausig. Beside the organization of the students   exhibition the dozents do their own work. The room filling object –Chronotop-   is build extra for this interesting big barrel vault 


Light Festival


28.8. bis 04.09.2016


-Interference- Tunis is curated by   Professor Bettina Pelz. This Festival in the “Medina of Tunis” shows the -   Bubble Projector- in a airplane luggage version at the place called “dar   Sharif” and a moving object called –Light Mobile- a central projection. Light   wind and computer fans move tree concentric circles were color foil   arrangements are placed turning and moving. They show themselves very   beautiful at the walls of the small historic inner yard of the restaurant “El   Ali”


Art Festival




-Shiny Toys- is curated of Jan Ehlemn,   a member of the „Room Time Pirates“. The -Bubble Projector- here is to be   found at the former turning disk of the -Locomotion Roundhouse- in Mülheim   Ruhr. The cloth for the projection has a size of 4m x 7m  


Light Festival



14.12.   bis 17.12.2016


-LUNA- is curated by Andrea Möller.   The –Ornament Generator- finds its place in Leeuwaarden, nord Netherlands, in   a empty shop